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3 Questions to Ask BEFORE Buying Office Equipment for Remote Employees

Wed Sep 09, 2020

As businesses work toward figuring out their new “normal,” many are now offering a more flex-based schedule. This can take many different shapes; a combination of in-office vs. remote employees, a more lenient work schedule (think: a life outside of the 9-5), or even reduced workweeks. If you’re considering this...



How to Effectively Store Data with a Partially Remote Team

Wed Aug 19, 2020

Too many companies were severely underprepared for the mass transition to remote work brought on by COVID-19. While you may be done scrambling and some departments are back in the office, a large portion of employees continue to work from home. A recent PwC survey suggests this is not just...



Help Your Business Address COVID-19 Concerns with this Cleaning Process

Tue Aug 04, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us hyper aware of the surfaces we touch on a daily basis, especially those outside of our own homes. At work, shared office equipment is likely a concern right now, but you can’t use just any cleaning product on your technology. It could cause irreversible...



3 Ways to Mitigate IT Risk

Mon Jul 13, 2020

Should you be worried about IT right now? Yes! Whether you have an internal team, a techie employee, or no one at all, managing your IT infrastructure with a newly or partially remote workforce is crucial. Outside of the office, your employees use a home or public network to connect...



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