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Our quality products, service, and commitment to excellence are next to none. Check out our testimonials for proof of that!


UniTech Managed IT Services (UMITS)

Antivirus Backups Updates Maintenance Monitoring Reporting

UniTech’s managed IT services are a host of products and services designed to protect, maintain and secure anything from a simple computer or printer to a large network. You can use managed IT services as a standalone IT department or as a tool to help your current one.

UniTech will remotely manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems on a proactive basis under a subscription model. At UniTech, we employ remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, allowing us to remotely troubleshoot and remediate issues with servers and endpoint devices on your behalf.

We understand that many companies have limited in-house IT capabilities. As your MSP, we’ll provide you with a cost-effective way to obtain the expertise of a full in-house IT department.



UniTech Managed Security Services (UMSS)

Cyber Security should be as important, if not more important, than all other security measures businesses currently have in place such as cameras and alarm systems. If you get broken into, items may be stolen or damaged but think of what your losses would be if your server got stolen, your system was held ransom for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars or your databases were hacked and personal information was stolen? What if your banking accounts were hacked?

Learn How UniTech Can Help

UniTech’s Managed Security Services – UMSS should be one of the biggest priorities and concern for businesses in today's internet-based world. Whether you have an internal MSS Manager with the appropriate software to monitor your system or use a third party provider, MSS should be on the top of your list of “to-do’s”.

We’ve heard such comments as “we are such a small business no one would try to hack into our system”. Cyber attacks can happen to any business. The ransoms could be different but the threat is still the same. How would a ransom of $10,000 or $100,000 affect your business? The only way to stop the risk is to have systems and procedures in place to mitigate the risk.

Contact a UniTech Professional today to get a free, no-obligation assessment of your current system.



UniTech Managed Print Services (UMPS)

What is managed print services? The Managed Print Services Association defines managed print services as services offered by an external provider to assess, optimize and continually manage an organization’s document output environment in order to lower costs, improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce risk. A complete MPS program may include services such as assessments, hardware and parts replacements, service for devices and supplies fulfillment.

Why UniTech Managed Print Services?

Starting with simple fleet and service automation for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction, to providing advanced services for more complex document workflow and value-added solutions, UniTech brings the expertise, people and technology solutions to truly understand your business and manage your environment.



UniTech Auto Supply Management (UASM)

With UASM all connected printing products will be monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year. Supplies will be automatically sent based on customer’s volume so customers are never out of toner. No need to stock extra Ink or Toner anymore, which sometimes ends up in the landfill if the printer is no longer in use and you have extra cartridges on the shelf. Supply pricing is based on UniTech’s Gold Pricing level and customers have a choice of OEM or compatibles.

Learn How UniTech Can Help

UniTech only uses 100% Guaranteed Compatible Inks and Toner from the world’s #1 Remanufacturer. Reports can be generated to let you know what the volumes are and what you're yielding per cartridge so you know what your paying per page. Having this information makes choosing the proper product for the job much easier and precise. The ASM program is free for UniTech customers.

At UniTech, our approach to printing is Innovative, Measurable and Strategic. Our Service Team consists of only the best skilled technicians. Our Techs will take care of your equipment so you can take care of your business.

Find out what our ASM program can do for you.



Document Management

UniTech can help organizations work smarter by offering a way to improve the storage management and processing of information. UniTech offers a complete end-to-end solution from input management, to document management and workflow, to output management.

Therefore Information Management

Therefore™ information management software is a solution that helps organizations all around the world work smarter by offering a complete end-to-end solution.

uniFLOW Capture

uniFLOW Capture allows users to scan and process documents, using intuitive technology such as secure scanning, that allows for greater control of documents.

Therefore Online

An information management solution, helping organizations work smarter by improving the storage, management, and processing of information, from the cloud.

Therefore Online SMB

Therefore™ Online SMB is a packaged solution that will help your company work more efficiently by changing the way information is managed.



Remote Support

UniTech's Managed Services Platform includes System Security, Off Site Data Storage, Remote Monitoring Services, Document Management & Auto Supply Management.

UniTech's preemptive approach to system operations and data security will help eliminate data security risks, and equipment failure. Contact a UniTech IT Professional today.