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Why Investing in Managed Print Services Means Investing in Your TEAM Skip to main content


Why Investing in Managed Print Services Means Investing in Your TEAM

Thu Jan 20, 2022


Your IT team is composed of highly skilled people. You don’t want them focusing their efforts on “innovating” make-shift solutions for your office printers. They should not be used as your “in-house print experts” because the fact of the matter is that they are not print experts, nor do they want to be. And we’re not just talking about repairing devices—many businesses have their IT team (or person) take care of ordering supplies and installing new equipment too.

Your IT team, when given the time and proper resources, of course, have the ability to help analyze, innovate, and grow your business. They think differently—and that’s what you need. 

So, let them focus on critical tasks instead of printers, and let us manage your print fleet with managed print services. The way you work will be forever changed (and that’s a good thing). 

Here’s what you need to know about our Managed Print Services Program.

Happy employee | unified billing | managed print services

One Point of Contact

You will have one single point of contact that you can go to for all of your printing needs. Need a repair? No problem! Running low on supplies? We’ve got you covered (probably before you even realize you’re low!). Is your company growing and your needs, therefore changing? Excellent! The same point of contact (who you will become quite familiar with) will be ready to discuss your goals and help get you set up for further success. 

One Bill 

You’ll also only have ONE bill to deal with. Go ahead—ask your accounting department how they feel about this. We’ll wait. 

Did they jump up and down in excitement? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that reaction! Our Managed Print Services Program will provide you with a simplified plan. 

The goal? To streamline your print fleet so that you can focus on driving your business forward in 2022 and beyond. 

Less Worry

From the installation of new hardware to the maintenance on your current machines, we will be there to take care of your printing needs so you don’t have to spend time worrying. 

Our Five-Step Approach & Methodology

1. Discover

During this phase, our Managed Print Experts will assess your current business processes and technology. This assessment will help highlight all costs (including hidden printing costs), malfunctioning devices, and any technology or services that are no longer serving you. It will also identify any bottlenecks and areas of inefficiencies. 

2. Design

Our Business Process Analysts will work closely with your team to design a hardware and software solution plan to achieve your workflow goals. 

illustration showcasing workplace workflows

3. Support & Manage

We will efficiently manage the day-to-day needs of your printing assets while also using device usage metrics to ensure your print fleet and workflows maintain optimal performance. 

4. Implement & Transition

No employee likes change to their day-to-day operations but we will work with your team to ensure a smooth transition to any big workflow changes that are implemented. We use technologies and support solutions to ease the transition and get your team on track quickly—you won’t miss a beat!

5. Review

Through the capture and reporting of service and performance information, we will work with you to continuously improve your print environment and document workflows as your company’s needs evolve and your business grows.

If you’d like to learn more about our five-step approach and methodology, you can find that here.

Key Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS) 

  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity
  • Reduce Help Desk Calls
  • Greater Security
  • Less Stress on YOU and Your Team!
  • Realize Cost Savings (20-30%!)
  • Reduce IT Support Workload
  • Proactive On-Site Service 
  • Automatic Supply Fulfillment
  • Unified Invoicing & Single Source Solutions

As you can see, investing in managed print services really means that you’re investing in your team. Give them some time back in their day so they can do what they are passionate about. Let your IT team use their skills to work on projects that excite them and will inevitably make your business more profitable. It’s a win-win.

Contact us today so your IT team can get back to doing what they love!

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P.S. Our quality products, service, and commitment to excellence are next to none. Check out our testimonials for proof of that!