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Cultivating a Safer and More Efficient Workplace

Fri Oct 22, 2021


Whether your team is working from home or from the office, they need to be able to work efficiently. And, more importantly, they need to feel safe. We understand that everyone is tired of talking and thinking about covid, but as a business owner, it’s still not the time to take chances or to slow down. It is time, however, to strategize and meet your organizational workflow challenges head-on. 

Our bet is that over the past two years, your team has uncovered a number of new issues that affect their daily operations. Luckily, we live in an innovative time and new, advanced technologies seem to always come to the rescue. 

That’s where the Canon PRINT Business app comes in. We’re excited to talk to you about this product because we know it will help make your workplace safer and more efficient. 

Here’s why you need this app.

You can minimize touchpoints on your Canon multifunction or laser print devices by pairing, printing, scanning, and even sending documents using a smartphone or tablet. This will help make the workplace feel safe and show your employees you care (plus, bonus: we are so used to using our smartphones and tablets that this will actually make things quicker for your employees). 

You can also control and see the printer’s user interface from the app using a personal device. All device functions can be selected without ever having to touch the shared screen. 

Key features include:

  • Print documents and release print jobs from the queue. 
  • Copy documents.
  • Scan and send to email. 
  • Print documents directly from a mobile device. 
  • Print from supported cloud storage locations.

Ready to download the app? Click on the button below to visit the Canon website. 

Download the App

Since you’re already in “improving operations and solving challenges” mode, you may be interested in one of these solutions, too.

1. Therefore™ Information Management

What is it? 

It is advanced software that allows you to manage, process, and store business information securely and efficiently. This is something that can be used throughout your entire organization. 

It’s also economical—because you can do everything electronically. We know this sounds scary, but in reality, all businesses are heading towards this new route. Whether you do it now or in five years, you’re going to take the plunge. So why not get ahead and do it now? 

Document Management | Digital Transformation

What makes it so great:

  • Paper documents can be scanned and stored within the information management system. 
  • Documents can be imported and indexed using barcodes or optical character recognition (OCR) software. 
  • Documents can be scanned on a multifunction printer, then indexed and saved within the Therefore™ Capture Client. 

Other key features: 

  • You can easily capture your paper and electronic documents and information for secure archiving.
  • You can quickly and easily search for information. 
  • You can edit documents in a collaborative environment. 
  • You can move towards automated, digital workflows by transforming manual processes.
  • You can access workflows and information from your mobile device.
  • The software integrates with many of your existing software and hardware systems. 
  • All information is securely stored and consistently backed up for you.

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2. uniFLOW Capture

What is it? 

uniFLOW Capture allows users to scan and process documents using intuitive technology such as secure scanning, which allows for greater control of your documents.

What makes it so great:

It’s simple—you can finally have one platform for all of your device management needs. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? 

Key features: 

  • Reduce costs with built-in reporting. Having this at your fingertips means that all multifunction printing usage will be tracked and assessed so you can gain insights on your costs. 
  • Increase your document security—uniFLOW helps keep confidential information secure by only allowing authorized access to devices. 
  • Improve productivity by allowing users to print whenever and wherever they need. 

    Key benefit: 

    You can do your part by reducing your environmental impact. When using uniFLOW, the amount of paper waste from your office will decrease significantly. uniFLOW also gives businesses the opportunity to track the number of print jobs that are not printed and also those that are printed in duplex or black and white. Sustainability reports can then be created on behalf of your company. 

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    We want to help you achieve your business goals and we know that you can do that by taking on the right technologies. 

    CONTACT US and let’s get started.