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Congratulations to David Patola, the lucky winner of our Valentine's day draw! The prize was a $100 gift card to Shananigan's Coffee & Dessert Bar!

A big thanks to everyone who participated this year. For all our newcomers, welcome! We're honoured to have so many wonderful people supporting our local business. You can now easily shop top-quality office and technology products online with us.

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Why Investing in Managed Print Services Means Investing in Your TEAM

Thu Jan 20, 2022

Your IT team is composed of highly skilled people. You don’t want them focusing their efforts on “innovating” make-shift solutions for your office printers. They should not be used as your “in-house print experts” because the fact of the matter is that they are not print experts, nor do they...



Best Office Printers in Prince Albert, SK

Thu Dec 09, 2021

Office printing is more important in certain roles than others but whether it is tax forms, payment receipts, monthly reports, or powerful presentations—you should have the best office printer that is well suited to your needs. That also means that you shouldn’t be paying for print features that you don’t...



Cultivating a Safer and More Efficient Workplace

Fri Oct 22, 2021

Whether your team is working from home or from the office, they need to be able to work efficiently. And, more importantly, they need to feel safe. We understand that everyone is tired of talking and thinking about covid, but as a business owner, it’s still not the time to...



Why You Need to Stop Letting Your Lease Auto-Renew

Wed Sep 29, 2021

Too many companies let their copier leases auto-renew year after year. Whether you’re doing this knowingly or unknowingly, you’re making a costly mistake. Though, you’re probably making your equipment provider quite happy...  It’s important that you sit down with your team and assess what is working and what is not...



5 Solutions to Optimize Your Internal Workflow

Tue Aug 24, 2021

At UniTech, we can offer you quality hardware, and personalized services, but we can also offer you advanced solutions that will work for your business.    Here are 5 solutions that will help optimize your internal workflows and boost your company’s efficiency.  1. Device Management Ask yourself (or better yet,...

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