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New Printers vs Used Printers: Which is Right for You

Fri Nov 17, 2023


Buying a printer is a big investment for businesses and deciding between a new or used device can feel almost daunting. What if the wrong choice is made? What if the device purchased doesn’t perform well for your team?

Just as there are different brands and functions to choose from, printers also come in two forms: new or used/refurbished. Often business leaders will assume that buying new is the right choice. In truth, it’s more complicated than that.

To help you with your decision, here are some important things to consider when buying a new or used printer.


1: The Cost of the Printer

Top of mind for every buyer is cost. It’s the first thing we think of before making any kind of purchase. Likewise, for business owners and team leaders, there’s your company’s budget to factor in. Choosing a device that’s too expensive could mean limiting how much money there will be for other future office investments. There’s no standard device that will universally work for your team, which means cost is a major fluctuating factor throughout the buying process.

Person budgeting the cost of new technology putting coin in piggy bank

With a new device, you’re more likely to be looking at a higher initial cost. That’s not to say that a new device (even if it’s costlier) isn’t the right choice. Factoring in the cost of the device should be your first step, but so too should the cost of supplies, maintenance, and paper. 

New devices are likely to have these cost-saving factors:

  • More in-stock supply options available
  • Less need for maintenance
  • Upgraded functionalities that replace the need for additional devices

By comparison, a used device will have a lower initial cost. Though often invoking negative associations, the term used doesn’t mean a “clunky old device that only half-works.” Used devices (or refurbished ones) are cleaned up, checked over, and tested by suppliers before they’re sent off to customers. This means that the supplier is making sure that your used device will be reliable for your team. 

Used printers also have several cost-saving benefits such as:

With more available options on the market for lease or rent, a used device can be a huge cost-saver for your company. And while you may need more maintenance, when renting or leasing you will have the full support of your supplier should anything go wrong. This can offer team leaders wanting to save a few dollars some extra relief.   

Cost, of course, is only one factor to consider before purchasing. There are other important concerns that your team might have about buying a new vs. used device, like security.


2: Print Security

Security cannot be overlooked when purchasing technology. Now more than ever, IT teams are having to navigate through stressful cyberattacks and an expanding network (especially with remote and hybrid working). We’ve talked before about how important cybersecurity awareness is and everything teams should know about cybersecurity. A key factor, often overlooked, is the security of your office’s printer.

Printers connect to the network just like every other device you use (e.g. laptops, tablets, and mobile devices). This means that they need just as many layers of defences and consideration when creating a cybersecurity strategy. So how do new and used printers fare when it comes to cybersecurity? 

While not necessarily weak against cyberattacks, used devices are going to be more vulnerable than a new device. This isn’t to say that with the proper support (such as managed IT services) a used device can’t come out on top and keep cybercriminals away, but it will be harder to protect than a new device.

Newer printers come with the latest patches and security features that businesses need to properly defend their data. Consider brands like HP, who have equipped their devices with multiple layers of defences and even self-healing properties. These features are going to be stronger and more prepared to fight back against the latest cyberthreats. If security is your main concern, a new device could be right for you!


3: Workplace Efficiency

The last thing we’d like to talk about is workplace efficiency. The technology that teams use daily is going to determine how productively and how quickly they can work. It’s important to select devices that are going to meet your office’s work demands. For a printer, this means considering the functionalities that the device offers. Some printers are built just to print, while others have additional functions such as scanning, mobile print, faxing etc. When considering both new and used devices, keep in mind which features your team needs most.

Team working efficiently in office with their printer

New devices are going to come equipped with lots of functionalities and settings that will support your team. If you’re a remote or hybrid office, you are likely going to want mobile print options and on-screen editing options for improved collaboration. Some older devices may not have these features, and so you may have to look to a newer model to find what you want.

Used devices, while not having all the same upgraded functionalities of a new printer, will still have the “basics” that your team needs. This includes used MFPs (multifunction printers). Do check that the used device has what you’re looking for, and work with your team to decide what features are a must have and which ones are seen as unnecessary.


Finding the Right Device for Your Business

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what device is best for your business. Whether that means used, new, owned, or rented, you deserve to feel confident in your decision. We hope that this guide has helped you feel more assured in your choice. 

If you’re looking for additional support, please feel free to contact us! Our team is made up of print experts who work hard to equip teams like yours with the best technology and services available.

Reach out today to learn more.

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