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Reduce Your Spend on Printing Supplies Inventory

Thu May 13, 2021


If you have or manage a business and are looking to save time and money immediately—you should consider learning more about the Auto Supply Management (ASM) program today. 

Here's how to know if this applies to your business:

  • Does your company have a printer (or several printers)? 
  • Do you struggle with inventory management for said printing devices? 
  • Are you spending more money than you’d like to on printing supplies? 
  • Have you ever been caught with excess toner once a printer is no longer in service? 
  • Have you ever ordered low-cost cartridges online only to find the quality is poor, you don't get the recommended life out of the cartridge or it sprays toner throughout your printer and you have no way of returning it?
  • Are you a UniTech customer? If you are, this is a FREE service! So, it can’t hurt to try it—right?! More money in your pocket is always a win.

At UniTech, our customers are our number one priority—which is why we are so proud to offer this as a service. The Auto Supply Management program was created to help you reduce your print and labour costs. While this may seem like a small thing—it really isn’t. We’ve worked with many companies over the years who were shocked to find out how much money they were wasting on their supplies (and on employee time to get said supplies).

You subscribe to many subscription services already. Why? Because they make your life easier and save you time. Why is this any different? Hint: it isn’t...

ASM is an auto-replenishment subscription service that provides you with products of the highest quality and guarantees you get the best costs, every time. And that’s not even the best part...this adaptive software program can identify when your printers are running out of toner and will quickly and accurately deliver it to wherever you need it to go.

How Does it Work?

  • All of your connected printing devices will be monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Your supplies will automatically be sent to your preferred address based on your volume—so you will never run out of toner. 
  • Pricing is based on our Gold Pricing level—which means you will have a choice between OEM or compatible supplies for your devices. 

Image demonstrating how the Auto Supply Management (ASM) program works

Our approach to printing is innovative, measurable, and strategic. We’re rooting for you and we truly want to help you save time and money. 

How the ASM Program Will Benefit Your Business:

  • We use 100% guaranteed ink and toner from the world’s #1 remanufacturer—so you will be getting quality supplies, which will keep your devices in good condition for longer.
  • We can generate reports to show you what your print volumes are and what you’re yielding per cartridge so you can finally understand what you are paying per page and make adjustments with your team as needed. 
  • No more inventory management! 
  • You will receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee—that’s a promise. 

We also offer a managed print service program to ensure you get the most out of your printer, including all print-related costs and maintenance. Learn more about our managed print services here. 

Our skilled technicians are trained to take care of your equipment. Let us take care of this part of your business so that you can focus on the items that truly need your attention. Contact us today and let’s chat.