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What is our ASM Management Program?

Mon Mar 23, 2020


ASM (Auto Supply Management) is a FREE service offered to UniTech customers to reduce Print and Labor costs.  With the wide range of printing supplies in our offices today and the complex product selection it makes identifying the right toner for the right printer a challenge. Searching for supplies online or going out to pick up new supplies can be costly and slow down your daily productivity. Most companies do not know how much toner they need or when they need it until they run out. That is why we are offering our customers access to our ASM program, an auto-replenishment subscription service will guarantee the best cost & quality product, delivered to our customers fast and accurate every time. Our self-learning and adaptive software program will identify when a printer is running out of toner deliver it before you need it.

Get Started Today 

 Here are some of the top reasons why companies will want our ASM Program:

* No inventory management

* Reduce current spend on printing supplies inventory and expense the right device

* Fast, reliable delivery as needed

* Plus, each customer receives 100% satisfaction guarantee

Call or email UniTech today to see how our new ASM can save you time and money immediately. 306-922-4814 or email us at

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