imageRUNNER 1435i

  • Features
    When power goes out for even a second it can result in data loss and hardware damage which can shorten equipment life expectancy. This battery backup unit provides sufficient emergency runtime power to allow for safe closure of open files and proper shut down of electronics when an outage occurs. In addition, it safeguards electronics from commonly occurring power surges caused by storms, activity on the power grid or high-powered equipment turning on and off. Surge protected ECO outlets turn off connected devices when not in use, reducing power usage and providing energy savings. 

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    • The highly-visible 5-Line LCD, and logical button layout simplifies device use.
    • The imageRUNNER 1435i employs Canon's imageCHIP Lite platform, providing efficient performance to speed up concurrent print, copy, scan and send jobs. Built-in Ethernet, dual USB 2.0 ports and ample memory enhances the device's productivity.
    • Operating at print/copy speeds of 37ppm, the imageRUNNER 1435i delivers superior quality output. With a print a resolution of 600x600 dpi (1200x600 dpi equivalent), users will benefit from faithful reproduction and clarity of their documents.
    • With a standard 600-Sheet paper capacity and a maximum paper capacity of 1,100 sheets, the imageRUNNER 1435i enables offices to be more productive.
    • Canon's innovative UFR II LT print language is standard on the imageRUNNER 1435i. UFR II LT is optimized to produce high-speed output by automatically sharing processing tasks between the desktop computer and the device. The imageRUNNER 1435i also has optional PCL 5e/6 and Adobe PostScript 3, ideal for printing business documents.
    • Help secure your office with the standard User Authentication for Send Operations (ASend). ASend prompts users for their credentials before accessing the Send screen, and also allows for Send restrictions, such as Email to Self only.
    • Easily copy both sides of an ID Card onto a single page with ID Card Copy.

imageRUNNER 1730iF

  • Features
    The imageRUNNER 1730iF employs the powerful imageCHIP LITE system architecture, consisting of a new CPU to speed up copy, print, fax, scan, and send functions. This architecture integrates the CPU and the image processing technologies onto a single chip, allowing for highly efficient processing of multiple functions simultaneously. A compact MFP supporting up to legal-sized paper, it features a smart, comfortable design and that enables the system to be placed in areas with limited space. The design allows for floor mounting or table top placement for maximum flexibility.

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    • Using an advanced Contact Image Sensor with an energy-efficient white LED array, the imageRUNNER 1730iF delivers superior quality for copies and color scans. With a copy scanning resolution of up to 600x600 dpi and a native print resolution of 1200x1200 dpi, you benefit from the most faithful reproduction of text and images.
    • A standard 100-sheet Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder makes scanning multi-page and different-sized originals quick and easy. The innovative tilting control panel ensures comfortable operation regardless of floor or table top mounting.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF/500iF 

  • Features
    The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF models are Canon's most advanced letter/legal sized MFPs ever. They deliver easy, efficient workflow and connectivity to mobile devices and cloud-based tools. Smooth fleet integration allows transition from single-function printers to advanced MDS solutions without sacrificing space. Designed to help any business reach higher productivity, these models are simply advanced.The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF/400iF allows each user to accomplish tasks quickly and effectively. And, these systems are readily customizable, delivering enhanced productivity to everyday workflow.

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  • A powerful digital communications center, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF/400iF integrates enterprise applications, connects to the cloud, and gives you the freedom to work from wherever you are, efficiently and easily. In today's networked world, you need greater control over your resources and data. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF/400iF delivers just that with the ability to configure a system, safeguard information, and track resources, right at your fingertips.
    Produce professional-quality documents quickly and easily. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF/400iF provides eye-catching quality in a compact footprint-all with the reliable performance you expect from Canon.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4225 4235 4245 4251

  • Features

    The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4200 Series empowers users. With an impressive range of customizable, simple-to-use, streamlined features, these models help everyone work smarter and faster. A powerful digital communications center, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4200 Series integrates enterprise applications, connects to the cloud, and gives you the freedom to work from wherever you are, efficiently and easily. In today's networked world, you need greater control over your resources and data. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4200 Series delivers just that with the ability to configure a system, better safeguard information, and track resources, all right at your fingertips.

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  • Give your business a real competitive edge with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4200 Series. True multitasking power keeps work moving. Custom workflow solutions streamline processes. And professional-quality documents are reliably produced. It's all about a brighter, greener future. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4200 Series, registered in EPEAT®, incorporates innovative, eco-conscious features that keep your business operating efficiently while helping to reduce your environmental footprint.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i 6565i 6575i

  • Features

    The enterprise-level imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 Series is designed to help save company time and increase productivity through efficient workflow settings and easy-to-use functionality. Your team can experience an innovative solution for cloud and mobile printing that allows them the freedom to work from virtually anywhere. With My ADVANCE, users can establish custom workflow settings and defaults based on individual logins for a unique, customized user experience. This all-in-one printer/copier series introduces powerful productivity with added sleep mode triggers, short startup and warm-up times, high paper capacity, fast print speeds, and continuous run features.

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  • With the capability to store and track certain data based on individual access and usage, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 Series is designed to guide organizations toward improved management of print- and document-related costs. Custom user settings help improve workflow and make it easier for employees to meet their productivity goals. Trackable data* guides leadership to make cost-effective business choices in the future. 

    With security a top priority for businesses, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 Series offers a number of levels of standard security features for the print environment, as well as optional add-ons to help security concerns. Universal Login Manager (ULM) is installed standard with the device, and provides custom device authentication, usage tracking, and user authentication - and it's fully integratable with optional uniFLOW Software. ULM user authentication includes photo logins, User Name/Password, or proximity cards* for added security and cost control. Security managers and administrators can remotely set and manage security policies across a fleet of Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE models. In addition, the HDD Encryption function is now standard on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500.

    Series models to enable the device to automatically encrypt data stored on the main unit's HDD to help limit unauthorized access to data. The HDD Encryption chip has been updated to obtain FIPS 140-2 validation.

    To help minimize IT resources and maximize organizational productivity, the enterprise-class imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 Series is equipped with robust device and fleet management capabilities. Configurations can be deployed across a fleet of devices to help streamline business processes. The imageWARE Enterprise Management Console with optional plug-ins, provides a central platform for fleet administration and management. Remote monitoring and diagnostics produce data for IT and administrative professionals to help ensure high productivity and uptime.

    Expect outstanding quality and reliable performance for various workplace scenarios with Canon's imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 Series. Users can experience an intuitive interface, high-end image quality, and excellent performance for their projects. This series is a technologically advanced print solution capable of streamlining business workflows that can integrate to optimize business processes. It's designed for durability, outstanding uptime, powerful scanning, and intuitive usability.

    With the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i, organizations can benefit from a quality printer that is designed with responsibility and efficient operations in mind to align with today's demands for sustainability. Canon does their part to produce and distribute a product that's ENERGY STAR® certified, has received an EPEAT®* Gold rating, and uses a mercury-free LED, PVC-free electric cables, safe plastics, and energy saving sleep settings. Sustainability is a key consideration in the design of this series.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i/8595i/8505i

  • Features

    Through an intuitive user interface with responsive touchscreen technology, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8500 Series offers workflow efficiency for enterprise print shops.  With My ADVANCE, user-based customization creates favorable user experiences to support virtually seamless workflow. This multifunction solution can scan and convert documents into a number of file formats through a single-pass duplexing document feeder that holds up to 300 originals. You’ll get flexible finishing options for high-end professional printing, and the optional imagePASS-Y1 is available for robust processing, variable data printing (VDP), and print production workflow.

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  • The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8500 Series is designed to help reduce unnecessary printing to contribute toward cost savings. When applying optional print policies, output monitoring, and usage restrictions, your organization can rely on detailed output tracking and reporting for effective cost analysis. Remote diagnostics, consistency in operation, and centralized fleet management options help support maximized uptime and reduced IT resources that can result in organizational cost reduction.

    Security is an ongoing priority in many businesses, and the print environment is no exception. The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8500 Series allows you to control your printer’s access with authentication via the Universal Login Manager application. This security solution can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Canon counts on integration with IPsec and SSL technology along with port filtering capabilities to help users facilitate and manage information privacy and security, including fleet administration. The standard HDD Encryption function on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8500 Series models allows the device to automatically encrypt the data stored on the main unit's HDD to limit unauthorized access to data. The latest HDD Encryption chip is updated to obtain FIPS 140-2 validation.

    With a centralized point of control across a Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE fleet, you can synchronize settings, check device statuses, review the status of printer consumables, turn off devices remotely, capture meter readings, and manage address books and printer drivers. Streamline business processes with standard genuine Adobe® PostScript® and PCL® integration.

    The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8500 Series offers signature engine technologies and reliability to help provide consistent, high-quality output. Designed to meet the needs of active workplaces and central reprographics departments (CRDs), the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8500 Series provides outstanding imaging technology and toner for consistency in rich black-and-white tones along with 1,200 dpi print resolution. Canon has designed these products to help achieve maximum uptime with features like: status notifications for supply replenishment, intuitive user maintenance, on-screen videos, the ability to replace toner on demand, and automatic job rerouting with optional solutions.

    Your organization and the environment can both gain benefits from Canon's dedication to sustainability. By integrating technology with Canon's fine-grain pO toner and efficient sleep mode features, companies can realize low overall energy consumption. Waste can be minimized with two-sided printing, held print jobs, print preview, and last-minute hands-on print settings for successful first-time print results. Canon produces and distributes products that are ENERGY STAR® certified. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8595i has received an EPEAT®* Gold rating.