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PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS. PREVENT VOICE MAIL AND TOLL FRAUD. Fraud occurs when someone remotely accesses your phone system through your voice mailbox and uses your phone lines to place long distance calls all over the world. Protect your business today and prevent unauthorized calls and charges. Your password is the primary security feature to protect your mailbox. By choosing a unique password you can reduce the chance of your voice Mailbox being used for fraudulent activity. Learn more...



A "virus" warning popped up? Don't call that number! Don't get scammed! Whether you have a Windows computer or a Macintosh, this could happen to you. How it starts You're using your computer when out of the blue a "virus" or "infection" or "suspicious connection" warning pops up on your screen. It will probably use a variety of technical-sounding phrases to tell you that there's a problems, and that you are at risk for all kinds of scary consequences ("computer damage," "data corruption", etc.). You might see multiple pop-ups. At the end of this text there is a phone number you can call to get help. In addition you may see a "blue screen" or other colorful text and images, claiming there is a problem with your computer. You may also hear a man's or woman's voice coming from your computer, telling you that this is urgent, call immediately, you are at risk, etc. Or you might hear a siren noise. Don't believe it! This is a scam, pure and simple. Learn more...



UniTech Office Solutions Ltd. (UniTech) is a privately owned company established in June 2002.  UniTech’s customers include some of the largest private and publically traded companies in Northern Saskatchewan. UniTech also provides consulting and contract work with some Provincial Crowns in the way of Broadband Services. 

Since the office of the future is becoming more integrated, the ability to provide products and services that all work together seamlessly is very important.  Business phones are now sharing lines with your computer network, copiers are now your fax, printer, copier, scanner and document storage device.  UniTech focuses on providing a Total Solution for all your Business needs.  Most importantly, these products are backed by some of the most experienced techs in the business.

UniTech’s Management Team has a combined total of 185 years of Office Products experience and our service Techs are A+ certified and trained by some of the industries best Training Companies.  This experience has taught us that service is the single most important element in the Office Products industry.  Single sourcing Office Products will save customers time and money.  More importantly it takes the stress out of who does what when you want to tie everything together.

Where some companies will try to sell you what they have, UniTech will find you what you need.  Whether you still need a ribbon for your typewriter, get a hard to find laser cartridge or design a web based document server our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be there to help you.

Customers can now place orders, service calls, inquire into equipment & account history and more 24/7 with UniTech’s new E-Info,  E commerce solution.  Best of all its FREE to UniTech customers.

272 South Industrial Drive, Prince Albert, SK  S6V 7L8